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What Causes of Dry Patches on Face


What Causes of Dry Patches on Face

No one wants the red, dry and flaky skin on their any body part especially face.As we know, skin is our body first defense against any disease.So, we have to keep it healthy and wealthy.Dry patches can cause the extreme weather condition or incorrect skin care.Here you can learn the causes of Dry Patches on Face.

10sec Summary for the Cause of Dry Patches on Face:

. Weather effects

Hot and cold water effect

. Harsh cosmetic and chemical products

Medical and environment effects

Causes of Dry Patches on Face

There are many causes of Dry Patches on Face but here we discuss some of these important factors.

Weather Effects: Dry patches are caused by the loss of hydration and moisture or dry skin.As the weather changes, cold winter months can cause the skin to dry.Since the face not always covered when we go outside during the winter or summer season.Moreover, the level of moisture in the air is very low in winter.

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Aside from winter, hot summer months also cause the skin to dry and dry patches on face.Our skin has natural oil which leads to reducing the dry skin.But ultraviolet sun rays damage the skin and reduced its ability to produce natural oil.

Hot and Cold Water: When a person taking a bath in too cold or too hot water can have a dry patch.Because taking a bath frequently make skin dry.Swim pool also make dry patches because they have Chlorinate which makes skin dry.

Harsh Cosmetic and Chemical Products: Harsh cosmetic and other chemical products also contribute to damage skin.Cosmetic products application on the face may bring beauty to the face but it also harmful to skin and cause dry patches.

Chemical Soaps and bath Soaps also harmful to facial skin and cause dry patches on face.Cosmetic and other chemical products also reduce the production of natural oil on the skin.

Medical and environment effects on Skin

Dermatitis or atopic dermatitis: Dermatitis is an unending skin condition described by rashes that are greatly bothersome and flaky. This skin condition is basic on the elbow, knees, wrist and furthermore the facial skin. Atopic dermatitis is irritated by an introduction to dry air and icy air and contact with different aggravations. Aggravations additionally incorporate dust, temperature changes and tidy. Stress can likewise bring about the erupt of atopic dermatitis.

Moreover, two main causes of eczema.Firstly, some people are born with unusually sensitive skin; this commonly goes together with asthma and with hay fever.In these individuals, it appears that their immune system is particularly sensitive and reacts to many stimulants in the atmosphere and on their skin which in others cause no problem at all.This is called being atopic.

Psoriasis: Psoriasis is perpetual immune system issue that causes scales and red fixes on the skin. This skin condition is portrayed by an exorbitant generation of skin over a region of aggravation and disease. Psoriasis is activated by stress, inordinate utilization of liquor, cigarette smoking and withdrawal from systemic corticosteroid.

Tips for Dry Patches on Face at Home

  • Water is very important for our body.So lack of water can cause dry skin.Drink enough water to hydrate your body.
  • Use glycerin to moisturize your skin and remove dry patches.
  • Petroleum jelly use is also a good home remedy for dry patches.
  • Coconut oil makes skin softer and removes itchy scalps on dry skin.It works well when you apply it before going to bed.
  • Banana and yogurt mixture not only moisturize your skin but also works against dead cells.

You can make your skin smooth and glowing by applying these 5 glowing skin tips.

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