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Cramps Before Period Abnormal Symptoms Cannot Be Ignored

Cramps Before Periods Abnormal Symptoms Cannot Be Ignored

Cramps before period are sudden muscle contraction in the abdomen by a strong contraction of the uterus, which causes pain and cramps extremely uncomfortable. Not all forms of cramps before period are normal. And is very important to find out if your cramps have signs of the disease are not unusual.

What are abnormal cramps before period?

If the cramps before period are too many and too serious or even happen all the time cycles of the menstrual has not come, you should note immediately because likely it is a sign of 5 dangerous gynecological diseases.                                               Also Read: How To Stop Early Periods

If you find that every month you cramp abnormally and can in no way be the pain, it may be due to serious disease is hidden behind it. Doctors said the condition cramps abnormal increase in the menstrual cycle is like a form of “abdominal pain during menstruation”.

Signs of serious gynecological diseases:

  1. Fibroids

Your uterus may be inhabited by some benign cancer cells known as uterine fibroids. Very popular, especially in middle age, almost 75% of women can get it.

However, this disease is less specific signs and we often do not know they have the disease. And this may be the main culprit behind these attacks your menstrual cramps. Fibroids cause cramps make you extremely painful. This also makes your blood more cycles and longer.

The most effective way to detect the fibroids through ultrasound. You can take medicine to relieve cramps before period. In severe cases, doctors may recommend surgery to remove uterine fibroids.

  1. Endometriosis

This is a gynecological disease is characterized by the presence of tissue endometrium (endométrialTissu) (normal sinus covered the inside of the uterus) outside the uterus, usually in the pelvis and in the abdomen. When tissue developed endometrium outside the uterus and continue to thicken and bleeding during menstruation, the blood has no place to go.

This leads to tissue irritation, eventually developing into scar tissue, or adhesions called. This leads to severe pain in the pelvic area. Moreover, this problem can also lead to infertility.

With this form of the disorder, road blocked fallopian difficult for women in a pregnancy.

Ultrasound can detect endometrial optimistic. You can use painkillers to relieve pain symptoms. The doctor also may suggest hormonal treatment. Surgery is recommended in case the symptoms worse.                                                                           Also Read: Home Remedies For Saggy Breast

Surgery to treat the endometrium can lead to early menopause, or sometimes, a hysterectomy. And further, after treatment, you can still get it again. Therefore, it is important that you check regularly and talk to your doctor about the long-term solution.

  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

This is a disease of the reproductive organs when infected. The reasons can cause this disease may be caused by bacteria entering through the introduction of sterile contraceptive devices (IUDs). Or, a pelvic inflammatory disease is usually the result of bacterial sexually transmitted like gonorrhea (Gonorrhea) or chlamydia.

However, a pelvic inflammatory disease often goes unnoticed, especially if the disease is not too serious. Symptoms of the pelvic inflammatory disease are very mild, but if you start to feel your pelvic abnormalities hurt, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Other common symptoms of PID are pain during intercourse, vaginal odor and irregular periods. This disease, if untreated, can lead to scar tissue or the more serious cases are infected fluid will fill your fallopian road.

For women trying pregnant, untreated PID can cause ectopic pregnancy. However, PID can be cured with antibiotics.

Do not pay attention to health problems can make you expensive than you imagine. So, if you get cramps abnormal cycle or have problems such as bleeding or irregular periods, then you should go consult a doctor soon.

  1. Endometrial cancer

Ovarian cysts are a very common disease and almost always encountered girlfriend once in a lifetime. However, the majority of cysts are benign and self-limited should the patient himself did not know they had the disease. However, among them, there will be about 8% larger cysts develop and cause danger to any girlfriend yet should not be subjective.

One of the signs of ovarian cysts are the cramps in the long run even if not in the days of menstruation or cramps before period more intense. Therefore, if this condition is met the girlfriend also note tracking remember to not jeopardize the future.

  1. Asherman’s syndrome

A previous surgery in the pelvic or abdomen can cause scar tissue and scar tissue if too big or not perfectly healthy can cause cramps and frequent abdominal pain. Or more dangerous this could be scar infection, thereby uterine infection or other regions. Therefore, if the suspect cramps before period caused by an old wound you should also seek to know the exact situation of the incision to decide timely intervention.

Do not pay attention to health problems can make you expensive than you imagine. So, if you get abnormal cramps before the period or have problems such as bleeding or irregular periods, then you should go consult a doctor soon. Wishing your health.


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