What Causes of Diaper Rash in Baby?

What Causes of Diaper Rash in Baby?

Diaper Rash is a common form of dermatitis.It is an irritating condition that develops on the skin that is covered by a nappy.It is a most common problem in children and infants.It affecting between eight and thirty-five percent of children is at the same point.Diaper rash mostly occurs in infants between nine and twelve months ages but can occur at any age the child wears a diaper.In most cases diaper rash resolve by home treatment, such as air drying.Diaper rash can occur to infrequently changed diapers or wet.In this topic, we discuss What Causes of Diaper Rash?

What Causes of Diaper Rash?

Wetness: There are many Causes of Diaper Rash but the main cause is wetness from potty and pee.Even the most famous absorbent diapers leave some moisture’s on baby skin.The potty and pee compressed together in a nappy can be particularly bad.When ph level of your baby skin rise, it increases the activities of things that irritate the skin of your baby and decrease the growth of healthy skin flora that would protect her.The ph level increase by some bacteria that is in your baby poo.These bacteria release an enzyme that can cause ammonia to be released from urine.When your baby moves in wet diaper her skin rubbing and chaffing which cause more irritated.

Chemical Sensitivity: Maybe your child’s skin sensitive to chemicals, like washing detergents used to wash a cloth diaper or the fragrance in a disposable diaper may be the result of diaper rash.

New Food: When your baby starts eating new foods or tries solid food then diaper rash also common.Acids in certain food like strawberries and fruit juice.The frequency of child bowel movement might also increase by new food.

Antibiotics: Antibiotics kill bacteria.Bacteria that keep yeast growth in control may be depleted, when a baby takes antibiotics and resulting in diaper rash due to yeast infection.Antibiotics also increase diarrhea, which causes to diaper rash.Breastfeed child whose mother takes antibiotics are also at risk of diaper rash.

Chafing: Chaffing due to friction can result in diaper rash on your baby skin.Rash from chaffing can appear in the different area on your baby diaper’s area.Skin due to chaffing will appear puffy and red.

As per well-being specialists, there are likewise sure sorts of diaper rash that are brought about by a yeast contamination called Candida albicans. Candida albicans is an organism that causes a rash in infants.The rash brought on by this organism is very not the same as the ordinary diaper rash.This kind of rash sets aside a more drawn out opportunity to mend and is brought about by specific sorts of anti-infection agents, not the utilization of diaper essentially.

How to prevent diaper rash?

What Cause of Diaper Rash in Baby?

  • We can prevent diaper rash by constantly making sure that the baby skin is dry and clean.When you constantly change the baby diaper so a soiled diaper can not irritate the baby skin.
  • When you drying the diaper rash area then don’t rub the skin with force because the baby skin is extremely tender.If you rub skin too much force it will cause severe irritation to the skin.You must dry the wet area with a soft cloth.
  • Don’t put the diaper tightly on your baby.If you put the diaper tightly, it will cause rubbing against your baby body.


              You can learn more about a baby rash on face and dry patches on face.

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