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Highly Effective Diet of Banana For Weight Loss

Highly Effective Diet of Banana For Weight Loss

Banana is an easy and delicious way to loss weight and improves health.People who want to improve health and mostly advised to eat vegetables and fruits.But most people worry that high-sugar fruits like the banana can be fattening.Gaining weight or losing weight with banana depends on you.If you eat two or three bananas that are almost nothing and you loss weight.But if you eat nine to ten bananas a day, apart from consuming regular meals, you gain weight.Learn more the benefits and diet plan of Banana For Weight Loss.

Benefits of Banana For Weight Loss:

There are many benefits of bananas, that is difficult to summarize them in few words.Banana has loaded with B vitamins, potassium, and magnesium and they contain no cholesterol or fat.Bananas are good for Kidney and nervous system, and also good for bones and heart, they can improve your mood.

Banana good for weight loss because its quick way to reduce extra pounds without eating boring and tasteless foods.Serotonin is known as “happiness hormone” which is produced in our body by banana.

Banana Diet Plan:

A banana has 103 calories, which amounts to 17.1 grams of carbohydrates.Carbohydrates necessary for smooth body functions and excess of carbohydrate leads to weight gain.They are loaded with minerals fiber and vitamins.This makes banana ideal for weight loss program.Learn the diet plans of Banana For Weight Loss.

Milk and Banana Diet:

How banana good for weight loss

Banana and milk diet has various versions but the result is same, consume fewer calories and stay healthy.Milk and banana diet has a quick result and yo will lose the extra fat.The explanation is very simple, as we mention above that each banana contain 103 calories, eating this four to five days you will consume one thousand calories per day and you will lose weight very fast.For example, if you eat seven bananas and three cups of low-fat milk, you will consume almost one thousand calories.

Banana is full of vitamins and our body needs them to work normally.Most important minerals given by banana is potassium.Moreover, banana is rich in fiber which helps to eliminate the toxins.One banana has five gram of fiber and 427 mg of potassium.As we know fat-free milk is very important in this diet.The fat-free milk is the good supplier of protein and calcium.Calcium is very important for the normal function of our hormones and for bones.

4 Day Menu Banana Diet:

Next, four to five days eat 5-6 bananas daily with the combination of three to four cups of low-fat milk.You can use plain yogurt or almond milk if you don’t like milk.Just blend banana and milk with ice cubes together and you are done.This 5-6 days diet will help you to reduce six pounds of weight.

7 Day Menu Banana Diet:

Seven-day banana diet menu can help you to lose eight-pound weight.All you need are green tea, two eggs and banana.It not only helps you to weight loss, also does a mild natural cleanser.

Each day drink green tea as much you like and eat up three banana.For the good balance of your protein include two eggs into your seven-day diet plan.

After finish, your seven-day diet plan makes sure that you return your normal eating habits.Avoid eating sugar, alcohol and fatty foods.Slowly introduce the variety of fresh vegetables and fruits to increase your daily meal size.Start daily walk also help you to weight loss.

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