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Why Are Bananas Good For You?

Why Are Bananas Good For You?

Bananas are one of the most consume fruits all over the world. Eating banana help to lose weight, reduce blood pressure, lower the risk of cancer and asthma. United State of America peoples consumed banana more than orange and apple. More than 107 countries are growing bananas today. So, it is not surprising question that people ask, are bananas good for you?

Are Bananas Good For You?

Banana full of calories, potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, B6, and copper. There are 90% calories in a single banana. The fiber in banana helps to treat different health problems. It helps to control lower blood sugar, reduce insulin resistance, and improve colon health.

Banana contains potassium 0.9% of the RDI. Potassium in banana helps to lower the blood pressure and heart disease.

Bananas are a great source of magnesium, it contains 8% of the RDI. Daily use of banana protect against high blood pressure, heart stroke and type 2 diabetes. Hundreds of our body functions need magnesium to work properly. Magnesium is also very important in bone health.

Are Bananas Have Negative Effects?

Bananas don’t appear to have any genuine bad impacts.

In any case, individuals who are susceptible to latex may likewise be hypersensitive to bananas.

Studies have demonstrated that around 35–50% of individuals who are hypersensitive to latex are likewise touchy to some plant foods.

Banana Benefits:

Are bananas good for you? No doubt, banana has a lot of health benefits. Read more the article to know banana good for your health.

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Banana Benefits for Heart:

The low sodium and high potassium levels found in bananas settle on them an extraordinary decision for a heart-sound nourishment. Bananas can decrease your pulse and thusly diminish the danger of coronary illness and stroke particularly when you incorporate bananas in a low-fat, all around adjusted eating regimen.

Banana Benefits for Depression:

Bananas can be useful in defeating gloom “because of large amounts of tryptophan, which the body proselytes to serotonin, the state of mind hoisting cerebrum neurotransmitter,” Flores said. In addition, vitamin B6 can enable you to rest soundly, and magnesium unwinds muscles. Furthermore, the tryptophan in bananas is notable for its rest instigating properties.

Banana Benefits for Weight Lose:

The fiber and starch in bananas increment your fat digestion and can check your craving. Your body can’t appropriately process the starch found in bananas and thusly you feel full incidentally, however, this does not last forever as your body can dispose of this safe starch. Fiber influences you to feel full speedier and longer and in addition enhances inside absorption. These attributes make bananas an extraordinary choice for individuals trying to get more fit.

Banana Benefits for Digestion:

Banana is a good remedy for digestion. It is an excellent source of prebiotic, nondigestible carbohydrates that help to improve the digestion.

Banana Benefits for Cancer:

Some research evidence proof that eating banana help against kidney cancer. Swedish researchers found that a woman who is suffering from kidney cancer ate daily 80 servings vegetables and fruits reduce the risk of cancer. The banana fight against the kidney cancer because it is rich antioxidant phenolic compounds.



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